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2023 Charities

2023 Charities

Wise Wealth Partners strongly believes, "You don't have to go at it alone".  That includes our community, specifically those in need.  We have committed a portion of our profits to local charities.

In 2023 we have added a New Mexico food bank that is close to our clients in Albequeurque and Las Cruces.  As we continue to branch out to other locations we will add local services to contribute to.

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HOPE Animal Shelter Tucson

HOPE is Tucson's first no-kill shelter for cats and dogs.  Founded by Susan Scherl in 2005 following her work with the Humane Society.  

In her late forties on a trip to Africa she realized that she needed more meaning in her life.  She decided to follow her passion and work with animals.Susan worked her way into animal welfare from the bottom. She worked her way up to Shelter Manager at the Humane Society of So. AZ. After 5 years Susan left the humane society and in 2005 founded HOPE Animal Shelter & Sanctuary with Kayomee Daroowalla and Karen Hoyt. HOPE is Tucson’s first no-kill shelter for dogs and cats. Susan made her dream a reality and is living her passion.


Mom's Pantry 

Our passion at Mom’s Pantry is to empower families in their struggle against hunger. We believe that no individual – our neighbors – should ever have to go hungry. Through the collaboration and generosity of local families, churches, and businesses, the vision and mission to combat hunger brings Mom’s Pantry to life. Mom’s Pantry is always stocked and ready for our next visitor!


Road Runner Food Bank

Roadrunner® Food Bank of New Mexico, a Feeding America member, is the largest non-profit dedicated to solving food insecurity in New Mexico. As a food distribution hub, we provide food to hundreds of affiliated member partners around the state including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and regional food banks. We also distribute food through specialized programs helping children, families and seniors at schools, low-income senior housing sites, senior centers and with and through health care partnerships. Every week, tens of thousands of hungry children, seniors and families are reached through this statewide hunger relief network. We are working together with our partners, volunteers and contributors to end food insecurity and hunger in New Mexico.

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