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Fiduciary. Independent. Fee Only.

You don't have to go at it alone!_edited


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“If you’re a homeowner, then you can pay a little extra on your mortgage,” suggested Brian Rellihan, CFP®, MBA, EA, Senior Financial Advisor with Wise Wealth Partners. 

-GOBankingRates 3/18/2022

Software analysis of your financials based upon your needs, not ours.  We look at your income, gifting, legacy, and savings goals to target a plan specific to you.

Designed to offer low-cost access to professional, institutional-qaulity investment management. 

Tax laws have resulted in higher expenses for many and may significantly impact an individuals overall investment performance. Consider tax efficient investment vehicles and techniques.


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Together we focus on goal-based planning, navigating the complexities of dynamic investments and markets.  You don't have to go at it alone.



Millions of people invest their hard-earned money at Fidelity so they can send their kids to college, retire, or simply live the life they want to live.  Wise Wealth Partners works with Fidelity, and other firms, to hold client assets, send statements, and distribute funds.

Work with a Professional

We take financial guidance very seriously and therefore seek out the top industry credentials and training.  This value is passed along to our clients.  You should expect more from your financial providers, why should you work with anything less? 

CFP's® are there to help individuals with managing their finances. This can include a variety of needs, such as investment planning, retirement planning, insurance, education, and so on. The most important aspect of a CFP® is to be a fiduciary of your assets, meaning that they will make decisions with your best interests in mind.

Financial Planner

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals.

financial planning services


First Quarter 2023 Investment Research Update 
Fidelity's Director of Quantitative Market Research Denise Chisholm offers data-driven views of the markets, equity sectors, and other investment building blocks, such as factors and thematic strategies.  Author: Denise Shisholm, Director of Quantitative Market Strategy, Fidelity Investments
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Scorecard: Favoring Health Care and Materials

A combination of good fundamentals and low valuations have made the health care sector appealing, while supportive valuations and economic indictors have boosted the outlook for materials. Defensive characteristics may drag on performance for communications services and utilities, while information technology may be fully valued.  

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