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Pledge 1%

Wise Wealth Partners strongly believes, "You don't have to go at it alone".  That includes our community, and specifically those in need.  Through the Pledge 1% world wide platform we join with more than 15,000 other businesses in 120+ countries dedicated to giving back. This global movement encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and stages to donate 1% of their staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to charities of their choosing. 

Wise Wealth Partners has committed to the Pledge 1% of Profit and 1% of our Time to our community.  

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2022 Charities

HOPE Animal Shelter Tucson.png

HOPE Animal Shelter Tucson

HOPE is Tucson's first no-kill shelter for cats and dogs.  Founded by Susan Scherl in 2005 following her work with the Humane Society.  

In her late forties on a trip to Africa she realized that she needed more meaning in her life.  She decided to follow her passion and work with animals.Susan worked her way into animal welfare from the bottom. She worked her way up to Shelter Manager at the Humane Society of So. AZ. After 5 years Susan left the humane society and in 2005 founded HOPE Animal Shelter & Sanctuary with Kayomee Daroowalla and Karen Hoyt. HOPE is Tucson’s first no-kill shelter for dogs and cats. Susan made her dream a reality and is living her passion.


Phoenix Rescue Mission

A residential recovery program for men, women and women with children who need help overcoming one or more life-controlling crises. By addressing our guests’ physical, emotional, financial and spiritual needs, they are well-prepared to lead positive, productive lives once they leave the Mission and become a contributor to our community.

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